You want to drive a boat in Japan?

If the engine on your boat is more powerful than than 1.5 KW, you need a license.That means you need to take a written exam and a practical for a 2 Kyu license.  The exam is offered in English by the Japan Marine Recreation Association (JMRA) 3 times a year and you must sign up for the exam at least 20 days before that date.  This web site will walk you through the exam process and provide a source of study materials for both the written and practical.

Follow these 7 steps to your 2 Kyu!

JMRA 1 Provides basic information about the license exam offered by Japan Marine Recreation Association (JMRA). Think of them as the driver’s license office
JMRA 2 Provides more in depth information about the JMRA exam application
JUKU 1 Provides basic information about BLISS’ Japan Small Boat License Juku (the Juku). The Juku provides study material for the exam. This is your driver’s ed school
JUKU 2 Provides information on the written exam
JUKU 3 Provides information on the Practical
JUKU 4 Juku Bank
LICENSE Issuing your license after the exam