1 Kyu

1 Kyu Fees (step up Рyou already hold a 2 Kyu license)

Exam Type Physical Written Practical Total Note
3,200Y 5,900Y 9,100Y 1 Kyu lifts the 5 mile offshore limit.

If you sit for 1 Kyu within a year from your 2 Kyu, your Physical exam fee will be waived.




1 Kyu database1 Kyu instruction 10,000 yen7000/hour bank-buy-now-button-sm
Approximate JMRA & Juku without instruction (1 Kyu step up license): 19,100 yen  Please read the Conditions of Purchase

The 1 kyu exam consists of 14 questions divided into two sections of 8 questions on navigation and weather and 6 questions on boat operations. You must correctly answer 50% in each section and 65% overall.


Part One
51 Plot a course and determine time
52 location
53 actual course and speed (current problems)
54 prep for cruise
55 weather
56 tide/current
57 foul weather/hurricane
58 accident report
Part Two
59 engine parts
60 maintenance/fuel
61 coolant
62 maintenance
63 breakdown
64 breakdown