2 Kyu Question 3

All of the past items found on the 2 kyu written exam for question 3 are about fishing facilities.  They may be standing facilities or commercial boats that are trolling or deploying nets.   Fishing vessels often drag fishing nets either behind their own boat or in tandem with another boat. These vessels frequently change course and/or make sudden stops.

There are two general categories of test items for this question and each will offer a different set of challenges to the examinee:

  • Four items (which have been used on 9 exams) are illustrations of fixed net configurations or moving equipment.
  • Four items (used on 7 exams) are all text.  Three of the four are of the inappropriate type.

GENERAL NOTE: The Japan Coast Guard web site has an excellent, detailed, illustrated essay on fishing net structures at: http://www.kaiho.mlit.go.jp/e/tosho/index_e.htm

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