2 Kyu Question 35

All of the past items found on the 2 kyu written exam for question 35 concerns aids to navigation at night.  Buoys have lights on them, their color being appropriate to their function.  To distinguish among the various lights at night, a buoy’s lights will also have a ‘period’ and a ‘light display’.   A light’s period is the time it takes to go through one sequence of flashes.  The light display is the sequence of flashes.  There are two formats to show characteristics: spikes and bands.

On charts lighted buoys will indicate the characteristics of the buoy as, for example,  “Oc G 10s” .

This may be read as: Single Occulting Light, Green, with a period of 10 seconds.

Source: http://www.uscgboating.org/assets/1/workflow_staging/Publications/486.PDF page 22

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