2 Kyu Question 40

The Juku tracks 23 2 kyu exams that have been used since April 2004. Item 40 on each exam was isolated and those which were identical were identified. They were grouped such that a 6 questions data base was developed.  Five of the 6 questions in the Juku data base for question 40 have been used on 3 or 4 of the 23 exams on file.  One question, number 6 in the data base, has only been used once.

Three of the remaining 5 items ask for an ‘inappropriate’ answer and 2 ask for an appropriate.

More importantly, all these questions relate to the items that must be on board the boat for the safety check.  Further, those items will be part of your practical exam.

Prior to departing, complete a visual check of the following:

  • Exterior hull (look for problems and for marine growth, damage)
  • Mooring lines  (confirm all lines are present and in a satisfactory conditions)
  • Engine and steering controls   (confirm all controls function correctly and smoothly, check for lose or broken hardware)
  • Lights  (confirm all lights are in working order)
  • Confirm that all the installed and required equipment is onboard and functional.

Confirm that consumable stores (fuel, food, water are sufficient for the trip.  Confirm that correct charts covering the trip and the current weather information are onboard

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