2 Kyu Question 43

The Juku tracks 23 2 kyu exams that have been used since April 2004. Item 43 on each exam was isolated and those which were identical were identified. They were grouped such that a 6 questions data base was developed.  All of the 6 questions in the Juku data base for question 43 have been used on 3 or 4 of the 23 exams on file.  Three of the remaining 5 items ask for an ‘inappropriate’ answer and 2 ask for an appropriate.

More importantly, all these questions relate to the warm up period before your practical exam.  Some of these items may be part of your practical exam.

  • After pre departure preparations are completed, a test of the operation is conducted to verify that all systems are normal during the idling operation. It also allows for warm-up of the engine. Set the throttle lever to the neutral position and turn on the ignition switch. If you have a gasoline-fueled engine, the engine start up is almost identical to starting you car.
  • Outboards do not have gauges. Oil is usually mixed with the gasoline in 2 cycle engines so there is no oil pressure. Water temperature is not measured but observation of the water relief port will verify that water is circulating through the engine.
  • When the water temperature gauge shows the temperature to be in the normal range, the warm up period is complete. Increase engine speed and verify gauges are normal. Check that the Navigation lights, horn, and bilge pump all work.
  • With inboard engine, check to see whether the color of the exhaust gas is normal or not.
  • Check the vibration and sound of the engine are normal or not.

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