2 Kyu Question 5: Captain’s responsibility

Notes on Question 5

Question 5 is a review of rules and responsibilities the skipper needs to observe mostly on the boat.  There are four general style categories of questions and each will offer a different set of challenges to the skipper.

Style    Questions
Inappropriate    1,  2,  3, 4
Illegal    5, 6
A/B format    7, 8
Appropriate    9


Random notes:

Consider the Captain as the chief executive on the vessel.

A captain is legally required to be aboard a small vessel when venturing out.

Common sense suggests a clear assignment of roles on board the vessel be made before the vessel departs from the dock.

If there are two or more license holders on board, it is important to decide who will take primary responsibility for the operations of the vessel.

Captains can be subject to social or legal court actions when they break the regulations. Criminal court actions can result in imprisonment, confinement, fine, or police fine. Civil (nautical) accident can result in compensation for damages.

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