Conditions of purchase

These materials have helped many students successfully pass their exams. At the same time, the 1-kyu requires independent study of charts and the development of charting skills. Nonetheless, much time and effort has gone into the preparation of our study materials, and they should provide a big “leg up” on the exam, and on understanding both the nature and frequency of the questions which are likely to be asked.  With this in mind, please keep in mind our policy, which hopefully addresses possible future misunderstanding or conflict:

1.  Payment for 1 kyu materials is not refundable.

2.  There is no additional support provided for these Japan Small Boat License Juku materials (they are stand-alone).

3.  We have made every effort to confirm the accuracy of the Juku materials; nonetheless we cannot be held liable for any errors.

4.  Although the exams have remained consistent in style and content for some years, it’s possible for the JMRA to alter the exam, rendering these Juku materials out of date.

5.  The questions you have on your exam may be different than those in the Juku’s database.

6. In purchasing these study materials you agree to hold the Juku, and its owner, free from all liability for the contents of the materials.

7.  These materials are for personal use only, and that they are not to be used for profit or                                  shared. If so, a commercial licensing fee must be negotiated and paid, prior to purchase.

Thank you for your understanding,

William Payne

Please acknowledge you understand and accept these conditions by signing a copy of this agreement and returning it by email before submitting your tuition.  Access to the materials will follow.