Applying for the Exam

You can follow this flow chart to your license:

Screenshot 2014-06-19 14.27.09


Documents required for Examination

1. A certified copy of resident register (“juminhyo”)
2. Two Photographs with your name and date of birth on the back. (4.5cm×3.5cm taken within 6 month, Passport photo)

These are sent to JMRA with the application

* The exam will be offered in Tokyo, Osaka, and Okinawa.  Check with your local JMRA office to see if it is offered in your location.

Physical exam

There is a check box on the application for the physical exam. The physical exam is a vision check and a hearing test. Capt. Bill recommends you take the physical at the JMRA center prior to the written exam. If you prefer, you may take the physical from your own physician. If you go to your own physician, you will want to download the form JMRA requires for that purpose from their website (Or JMRA will send the examination form to you with your application).