Jonathan’s comments:

Jonathan writes:
Hi Bill,

Thanks again for all your assistance these past weeks and especially the final 2 days with the practice session, written exam, and practical. Your extensive material outlining the exam and practical was essential!

The practical went well I think. It was exactly as you said.

He asked me to check the hull, boat stability, flare date, life buoy, engine oil, main switch.

He used the chimney and and middle of the bridge as targets.
He said he was impressed with my checking the prop before leaving the port and whenever going astern.

One surprising thing was when he asked me to change course at one point. First he asked me to look at the building behind us, then he told me to change course, to go left towards it. We were going 3000 rpm, so I repeated the instruction and also asked at planing speed? He said yes, so I did a 180. Seemed like he was happy with the way I handled it.

He threw the card up with a boat coming straight on and I slowed and turned to starboard. He said that was good.The rescue also went well, I pulled up to the planned side and used the boat hook.

The mooring was pretty easy, he demonstrated it once and then asked me to come within about a meter of the dock and use the hook to pull in.


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