The Practical

Probably the single most anxiety producing event of the examinee’s day will be The Practical. You and another examinee, possible two, will be escorted to a boat that you may never have seen before and put through a series of dockside and on the water exercises while the examiner makes little notes on a clipboard.

In late 2012, Capt. Bill was invited to ride along on an exam run. A few weeks later he was offered the opportunity to start renting the JMRA boats to provide training for Juku clients. The JMRA staff ran Capt. Bill through a training session and set up the necessary paperwork to allow him to train you on the water.

The Juku will rent a boat during the week before the exam if there are Juku clients who will support the cost of rental and instruction.

And, there is a 7th essay for The Practical in the Group files. This 17 page illustrated essay covers all aspects of the practical experience. Advise about your expected behavior is offered. Criteria for acceptable performance is provided. This essay is modified by feedback from former clients. The writer also confers with examiners to improve client performance on this portion of the exam process.