2 Kyu Written
Your subscription fee gives you access to the closed site where all 2 kyu essays, exercises and additional learning aides are kept on file. You can access these files from the time you enroll to the test date.
Boat practice (max per person)
In addition to the essays and exercises, the Juku will offer an ‘on the water’ training day with a JMRA approved boat in the Osaka area. Members who want a half day to run through the practical exercise will share the cost of renting the boat and fuel.  In addition there will be an instructional fee.  We will schedule the boat through the group site.  The maximum fee for 1 person will not exceed 15,000Y

Bank Transfer Payment to:

Senshu Ikeda Bank 池田泉州銀行
Sone Branch 曽根支店
Account number 7172 口座番号 7172
Futsu 普通
Bliss William Ralph Payne Bliss William Ralph Payne

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Please e-mail the Juku with your bank transfer record number to secure you membership.