Issuing Your License After the Exam

It will take JMRA a few  days to certify the results of your written and practical exams. You will receive a card of your results in the mail or you can check the JMRA web site. You may be instructed to return to the test site to get the form indicating you are certified for a license (or this form may be mailed to you). Then you will need to make an application to the Ministry of Transportation for the actual license. A sample of this Application form is in “Applications Forms” along with the tax revenue form, the Shunyu Inshyu. You will need another photo for the license and a tax stamp.

You can get unofficial results from your written exam immediately.  Make a record of your answers on your exam (you get to keep it after the test).  The examiners will post the correct answers after the exam time and you can check your results.