2 Kyu Question 27

The Juku tracks 23 2 kyu exams that have been used since April 2004. Item 27 on each exam was isolated and those which were identical were identified. They were grouped such that a 5 questions data base was developed.  Four of the 5 questions in the Juku data base for question 27 have been used on 4 or 5 of the 23 exams on file.  One question, number 5 in the data base, has only been used twice.

One item in the Juku data base is based on an illustration (and that illustration was modified in the 4-13 exam).  Three of the remaining 4 items ask for a ‘correct‘ answer and one asks for an ‘inappropriate’ answer.

The first item in the data base, the illustrated one, requires the reader to identify the best position a boat can take when following in the wake of another power boat.  The other Four items, randomly used on 21 if the 23 exams, concern the behavior of a power boat during a turn.  Two of those four items focus on the correct action to take to avoid a floating object approaching the bow of the boat.   The other two items do not mention a floating object but the behavior of the boat is similar.

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