Sample Tide problem

Obtain the time and height of high tide at Tsukiji in the afternoon of September 10. According to the timetable the standard port of Tsukiji is the port of Tokyo. The title time difference at Tsukiji is +0 hours and 20 minutes and the title racial is 1.03. The tide at the Port of Tokyo is shown in the table.
(1) 17:47 approximately 203 cm
(2) 17:47 approximately 208 cm
(3) 17:07 approximately 223 cm
(4) 17:07 approximately 208 c

Tsukiji is a minor port near Tokyo port. The times and heights of the tide in Tokyo are shown in the chart. The differences in the time the tide will arrive and the height of that tide are indicated in the problem as:
Time difference: +0 hours and 20 minutes
Height difference: 1.03
You are asked to find the time and height of the high tide.
202 X 1.03 = 208.06 or 208 cm MULTIPLE THE RADICAL TIMES THE HEIGHT
Answer 2

5 of the 6 items in this question are of this nature!

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