Skipper Alex Oct, 2013

Comments from Alex:
I took my small boat license in October 2013 with the help from Bill. I studied all the questions exercises and could ask as many questions to Bill as I wanted. We even sat down having a cup of coffee after the practice run and went through some parts I thought where difficult. Great way to prepare for the test. I also spend time on the water with the actual boat from the exam. This is very nice way to get familiar with the boat and the tasks you have to do on the exam.
Just a small comment for your future students;

Practice the trouble shooting. For me it was the starter doesn’t work. What to do?

Practice Knotting

A final note:
After I docked and parked the boat I had to unmoor and get started again. You can choose forward or backward. This is also good time to practice “kick”.

Looking back the whole exam wasn’t that hard with the help from Bill.

Thanks again for all you efforts.

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